Rofeeah Ayinla
2 min readNov 17, 2021


Imagine being told people that feed on snakes will eventually be swallowed by one. Or that people that feed on scorpions will get stung every time they eat them?

Photo by George Gymennyi on Unsplash

Just imagine every time you watch a horror film the zombies come to attack you! (Well I always end up with a bad dream when i do anyways)

Photo by Zorik D on Unsplash

But then, What if I tell you right now, that THESE ARE REAL?

Okay, these are Real! You get consumed by what you consume. It may seem intangible, but an aggregation of your consumption consumes you too, either you realize it or not.

It’s a given, you get eaten by whatever you consume.

The same way a person feeding on fatty foods gets obese

The Cigar addicts eventually end with a lung cancer

The Bookworm picks something from the book each time and learns something new

The Movie addict picks ideologies and phrases from them.

The take-home point? Eat what you want to be eaten by (eating, in this case, is not limited to food, it covers everyday activities of yours)

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