Ten Best Plants for Natural Indoor Beauty Decoration

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I have good and bad news for you, but first, answer this;

Have you ever had the opportunity to tour in the wilderness or had the chance to behold the beauty of nature from a TV program? You would have realized then that the beauty in nature isn’t one to be substituted by anything, and perhaps you had longed to relieve the freshness you experienced on your tour.

The bad news? You can only behold the beauty on your visits of admire on your TV, you can’t possibly pack into a deep forest to live.

The good? You can have a fraction of nature in your house, one that doesn’t only beautify its surroundings but also refreshes it, and gives you peace just by gazing upon it. Hence I have curated a list of the ten best plants for you here, to relive the freshness of the wilderness all day long and have an extra beauty spot to your house.

1. Peace Lily

This intentionally tops my list because of its first name; PEACE!. It’s a cute plant of longitudinal leaves and produces a white flower, its structure seems so fragile and the beauty unexplainable. All you need to do is keep in bright indirect light and keep the soil moist, then watch this plant purify your air and promote peaceful sleep

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2. Orchid

News flash; you will be bringing the vanilla industry to your house with this plant. It’s a highly scented plant whose seed is used to make vanilla essence and for other perfumers. It has simple leaves with parallel veins and belongs to a widespread family of plants with blooms that are colorful and fragrant. It thrives in sunshine but indirect is the best for it. If you are looking into beauty with an amazing smell, this plant’s elegant and unreal imperfections would tick the list perfectly

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3. Jade plant

This is also known as the lucky plant/money tree. The leaves here are worth paying for sightseeing. It has glossy rich jade green leaves and is a succulent plant in its entirety. You only need to place it in the brightest spot in the house and water every 2–3weeks and watch it grow into the eye candy that it is. Bonus point; it is sweetly scented as well. It’s regardless mildly toxic to humans, so keep in spots that are not easily reachable.

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4. Air plant

If the list so far has collections of sharks; this here is a mermaid! Air plant unlike the rest grows in the air! Astounding right? It climbs on other trees and doesn’t bloom in the soil. Imagine a visitor entering your home and seeing a beautiful plant blooming in the air. Its features are not limited to its growth medium alone, it purifies the air, reduces CO2 as well as harmful chemicals pollutants, and releases oxygen during photosynthesis for you to breathe much better.

Photo by Severin Candrian on Unsplash

5. Snake plant

Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue. This has cactus leaves style that are beauties to behold, you are only required to keep in a warm spot and watch it bloom. Aside from being a fantastic oxygen-producing plant, It purifies the air by filtering harmful chemicals and in fact, is effective against allergies. It is however believed that the spiky leaves are considered bad energy, but once you get lost in its beauty and focus on its good energy, every other thing becomes an ear say.

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6. Anthurium( lace leaf)

This belongs to a genus of about 1,000 species of flowering plants. They are a component of lost indoor gardens majorly due to their leaves, bold blooms, and heart-shaped flowers of varying colors. The spectacular thing about this plant is they barely have a downtown between blooms. They are effective at removing harmful chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. They are best kept in a spot with bringing indirect sunlight and require water only when dry.

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7. Spider plant

This is also known as the ribbon plant, its grass-like leaves with spectacular coloring springing out from a source are highly deserving of all the praises the plant gets. While. its flower is in a long branched inflorescence, it has fleshy and tuberous roots. Once you fulfill your part of caring for this plant by watering once a week and keeping it under indirect sunlight, it blooms and clear airborne irritants, absorbs ozone, increases humidity and in fact, becomes therapeutic.

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8. Aloe vera

If you want extra bits of wellness to the beauty your plant gives you, then aloe vera is the best pick. Being a succulent plant, it has Varieties of uses from personal health care to beauty care. It is stemless and greenish flesh leaves that Springs from the plant’s central stem. Its Structure is a unique one that calms your nerves. It needs indirect sunlight to deep infrequent deep-watering to bloom.

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9. Fiddle leaf fig

Experience the feeling of possessing a mini tree with this tall indoor plant, its beauty goes way beyond its tall strong body but also extends to its glossy leaves. It has very large violin-shaped leaves and a signature glossy look as though that surface is painted. It doesn’t like extreme temperature fluctuations and requires proper drainage and adequate sunlight to keep it blooming.

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10. Gloxinia

If there is a plant whose blooms depict royalty then it would be gloxinia. It is a portable leafy plant with opened rosette flowering pattern in different colors. They are non-toxic to humans and animals and are perfectly placed near a sunny window but out of. direct sunlight. It is the kind of plant that you will confidently have near your living room window due to its extremely attractive blooms that brightens up your space.

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These in no particular order should be your top choices whenever you are picking a plant to beautify your corner, they go beyond just adding beauty to your space but also elevate humidity, boosts your mood, increase your perception of room temperature and calm your nervous systems. Which of these plants would you be getting soon?



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