My Unforgettable Tour Around Canada

Rofeeah Ayinla
4 min readNov 15, 2021


I repeatedly pinched myself to be reassured I wasn’t in a dream. I stood in front of the most beautiful water bodies I have ever laid my eyes on. My mind flashed back to how I had planned this trip for months. I wanted to visit Canada at least once before my marriage to see beautiful locations that will be superb for our family vacations, and as such, I had researched a list of places to check out. My first place on the list was the Niagra falls.

The Niagra falls is nothing short of a geological wonder. The power of the force is enough to move anything. Power, energy, nature, force, and gravity take their courses here. I marveled at the blooms of it’s botanical gardens and aquariums and i took extra time here to go whale watching, admiring people that came from around the world with their families, I couldn’t wait to be there with mine as well.

Photo by Rostam Torki on Unsplash

My next stop was the natural and Urban playground; Vancouver. This is a city between oceans and mountains . My visit here was more fun filled with my new Chinese friend; Xia Lou, who was also on a vacation alone. We took the TransLink public transport around town, from Stanley park, to the Museum of Anthropology, Fly-Over Canada and lots more. This location is where you get the real meaning of “Nature is beautiful” from the wilderness of the forest to the hills and oceans, you will have your jaws dropped in amazement.

The snow-capped peaks close to Vancouver were my next beauty to behold. I had checked out of Granville Island hotel that morning for a visit to Whistler. Its powdered steeps, sparkling lakes, and gushing waterfall would leave you in awe. Here is where I had my real first experience with snow (where would you have seen snow in Nigeria na). I resisted the urge to make my very first snowman (I mean, with my age and citizenship 😆). It’s filled with family-friendly activities like ice-skating, whistler sliding and the whistler black comb should be your first stop when you get here. I retired to my hotel room and after a few days here, I moved on to the next.

The very first few days I spent at Prince Edwards Island was to sample its seafood and my Allah!! The tastes are out of this world. This location is best known for green gables, golf, and beautiful sandy beaches. They offer world-class seafood and of course, I wouldn’t dare miss out on that. I had booked the walking tour of Charlottetown before my visitation to make it easier and more fun for me. Our guide on the tour was a retired history teacher and a former stand-up comedian so it was a mixture of learning and laughter. From the oceanfront views to the Victoria boardwalk to exploring the stunning coastline of the island, hiking the inland to some of the most interesting parts of the famous confederation trail, transversing across farmlands, forest, and beautiful wildflower meadows, and lots more, I had a superb time here. We wouldn’t miss it out on our family vacation to Canada. Habeeby has got to make loads of money because why not?.

Photo by Farhad Ibrahimzade on Unsplash

Retiring back to my hotel in Charlottetown on the fifth day, I peeked a look at my list of locations left and the two that I couldn’t wait to get to, stare right back at me; Quebec City and Toronto. I had read that Quebec will take me back in time with its old structures, city gates, and very old art collections, I couldn’t wait to experience shopping at the Underground mall in Toronto as well, I had my long Shopping list waiting. With these thoughts, I drifted off to sleep.

Photo by Tim Geenens on Unsplash

I heard a shrill metallic banging sound from a distance in my sleep, I was scared to the bone, could it be that the world is ending? Oh my Allah! I didn’t plan to die in Canada, this was part of the reasons I was reluctant to come in the first place, I wouldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t dare to, I was too scared. The sound reduced and I heard a faint voice next; shouting

“Hajia! Hajia!”

I thought, “whosoever want Hajia should have her and let us live”, what could be happening?

I stopped for a few seconds


The voice sounded so much like that of my farm assistant. Lukman in Canada?? It had to be a dream

I shoot my eyes open and it was indeed a dream.

Except that Lukman was really by my farm gate, banging it loudly so I can open up for him to feed the fish and I was never in Canada

We will be back to discuss how those locations are a must-visit for you and your families, but right now, we need to know that whosoever brought the idea “pinch yourself to reality if you think it’s a dream” has scammed us all.

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash



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