Are Arguments Tools of Destruction?

Rofeeah Ayinla
2 min readAug 19, 2021

Arguments are essential for clarity, they focus on evidence and Clear reasoning. They are unavoidable to have an underlying reason for every action and reaction as human, for those who believed contrarily; stating that argument is the destruction of peace, they sure have a vague idea of what argument is.

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Arguments are constructive, they widen the thinking faculty of anyone who actively engages in them, like the not-so-popular saying "You don't call your father's land the biggest until you visit someone else's father's". The argument right here helps you to view and make a comparison to decide what to do and what not to. It draws you out of your self-acclaimed winning to level ground where you have to prove you are worth your win. This boosts your confidence to know you aren't in any way blowing your trumpet or dwelling on self-deceit.

How argument causes rifts and misunderstanding is a factor of the engagers and as such, Is not of a factor of the argument being good or not. Though usage of insulting and demeaning words are advised to be avoided, then, no one blames fire for burning off the incinerated dirt or the house, it's a factor of who started the fire and why was it ignited in such locations or certain manners.

An accused getting Acquitted through an Evidence-backed argument, be it an innocently accused gets acquitted or the Guiltily accused does is a function of who is making the argument, this proves arguments as a great tool that improves its users in self-development and tasks them with challenges, we don't fault the sword for its bluntness, we blame the blacksmith.

A student learns through Constructive argumentative essays, Views change from a point of view to another, worths get proven through well-detailed argument, and many more, Proving that killing out of rage in an argument, hatred between Close contact due to an argument and all objections to arguments as a learning and growing process is not a Function of the argument being good or bad.

Maybe the issue, to begin with, should have been a proper orientation on how arguments should be made; under a healthy and positive condition, open mind to discovering with no strict stance- the rigid ones that are always right; especially when their perspectives aren't.

It's then decided, Arguments are the ever-evolving tools, that give you an answer through self-discovery, reaffirm the confidence in your stance about a particular thing and Open lots of doors to discovery while Exploring others' opinions.



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